Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions that are frequently asked about the Prince William County On-Line Concussion Training Program.

  1. What if I have more than one student in the Prince William County Public School System?

    If you have two or more children at the same level who require training (example: 2 high school students), each child must register using his or her student identification number to receive credit for the training.

    If you have two or more children at different levels (example: 1 middle school and 2 high school students), the middle school child will register for the Middle School Concussion Training and each high school child will register for the High School Concussion Training.

  2. Are there differences between the High School On-Line Concussion Training and the Middle School On-Line Concussion Training?

    Yes, there are sufficient differences in the way concussions are handled at the middle school and high school levels; therefore, a parent having children in both middle and high school is required to take both the middle and the high school concussion training.

  3. What happens if my child's student ID does not match?

    If you have a child with a student ID that does not match, you may have incorrectly entered the student ID. The program will allow a user to re-enter their student ID. After three (3) attempts, if the student ID response still indicates no match, please contact your child's guidance department to verify you are using the correct student ID.

  4. I have more than one child attending high school or middle school. What happens if one of my child's student ID does not match? Can I continue the registration process?

    You can continue the registration process with the children who have verified student IDs. However, you will need to repeat the registration process and view the On-Line course with the child who initially received the student ID error message.

  5. My child is new to the Prince William County Public School System. Can my child register for the On-Line Concussion Training?

    No. Any student new to the Prince William County Public School System will need to attend a Face-to-Face Training at their school level (middle or high). Contact your child's school or go to your school webpage to obtain the schedule for Face-to-Face Training.

  6. Can I view the Concussion On-Line program with a non-family member and would the non-family member receive credit?

    No. As required by Virginia Code §22.1-271-5, only the parent or legal guardian is able to use the electronic signature option to affirm course completion.

  7. If I logout before completing the Concussion On-Line course, can I log back into the course without re-registering? Will I need to start the course from the beginning or will I continue where I left off?

    Yes. The program will allow you to logout and then login. When you log back in, you will continue at the starting point of the session when you left the course. For example, if you completed the first two sessions and then logged out of the course during Session Three (3), you will need to repeat Session Three (3) in its entirety.

  8. My child is registered and when we reach the video page, the video does not appear and/or will not play.

    If the video will not play and you are using internet explorer as your browser, go to your tools menu and be sure your compatibility view is disabled.

  9. Who can I contact if I have questions about the Concussion On-Line Training Course?

    For general questions concerning concussion training, contact the Health and Physical Education, Driver Education, Athletics, and JROTC Program in the Office of Student Learning at 703-791-7353. For questions concerning student ID, contact your child's school guidance department.